Support email response time

Written by Trade Me staff at 2:10pm, Fri 20 Jun 2003

Due to sickness in the Trade Me support office, we are presently short staffed. Therefore, it may take a little longer for us to reply to your support emails - please bear with us we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime please see our help section on the right hand side of the Trade Me website before emailing us.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing and thank you for your patience.

ISP performance issues (update)

Written by Trade Me staff at 11:13am, Wed 11 Jun 2003

We have been advised (and can see) that from 10:30 the problem has been rectified and that all Auckland traffic is no longer being diverted.

ISP performance issues

Written by Trade Me staff at 10:23am, Wed 11 Jun 2003

Our ISP is currently experiencing problems with routing in Auckland. Consequently all the Auckland based traffic is being routed through Wellington (sounds a bit like the new All Black back line...). There may be some performance problems for Trade Me users utilising this circuit. This started at 08:30 this morning. We will keep you updated.

ISP Problems (update)

Written by Trade Me staff at 1:00pm, Mon 9 Jun 2003

We have been informed that from 13:00 today the issues with access have been resolved.

Planned Outage

Written by Trade Me staff at 9:00pm, Tue 8 Jul 2003

There will be an outage tonight (Tuesday) from 11:30pm. Trade Me will be back first thing tomorrow morning for you early-birds.

We are upgrading our category structure.

All auctions due to close between 11:25pm and 5am will be extended by 12 hours. More...

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